• Our Process

    Do you have a challenge and wonder how our process works? Click through the menu's to the right to see how we work.

  • The Health Challenge

    You may need specific advice on a specific question or an overall strategy, to outsource background research, or assistance bringing a pre-existing project to fruition. Ask us how we can help.


  • Feasibility

    We will assess your challenge and establish whether we have the skills and resources to deliver a high quality and sustainable solution. We pride ourselves on taking on projects only when we feel we can really add value. Once we are convinced we can help your organization, we deliver a quote alongside a timeline and expected deliverables for your approval.

    Our commitment is clear. We will consider your problem at hand and will only commit to an engagement if we are convinced we can bring unique value to your organization.
    the Nyes team

  • Project Manager

    Nyes Solutions will assign you a project manager from our network of collaborators. We ensure they have the highest expertise to develop a tailored solution and manage a team of experts to meet your needs.

  • Partnership

    Our project manager discusses the project with your lead, someone in your organisation you have identified to oversee the project on your end. Together, we identify expected outputs and reflect on how to best position your project. One of our core values is partnership: more than a client, we select projects we truly believe in.

  • Teamwork

    Once our project manager has a better understanding of your challenge, they draw from a pool of Nyes collaborators with stellar credentials to build a tailored Project Team. The team gets to work producing the pre-identified deliverables.

  • Crowd Control

    Once the Project Team has devised draft solutions to your challenge, we are able to do what few others can – crowd source. We make our solutions and outputs available to our strictly private Collaborative network for comments, input and improvement. This exercise – done with careful consideration for your privacy requirements – expands the pool of experts reviewing our work and enhances our ability to deliver novel and context-appropriate solutions. No information about your project will be shared without your explicit agreement, but we encourage our clients to undergo our highly secure crowd-sourcing process.

  • Review

    Our directors review each project before delivery. This is an opportunity for mutual review, reflection and refinement and an opportunity for you to consult internally as required.

  • Sustain

    We take a long-term approach to our consulting work. Implementation begins as soon as you contact us and continues long after. We are not a fly-in, fly-out service: we want to help your project meet its full potential, understanding that unexpected challenges and successes sometimes occur.